The avioncs of the beech baron 58 aircraft is a set of several units and is based on a production series of the US company Bendix / King, widely used in numerous aircrafts. To build this unit, the original design had to be modified in some areas because of the following reasons:

The result of these considerations is shown in the below right picture, which was used as a design template for the manufacturing phase.


The ready to use avionics design is shown in the right picture and shows the following features:

The picture below shows as an example the COMM / NAV electronics schematics. It is built around an ATmega32 micro-processor. The connector JP2 serves the four 7-segment LED displays, while the connectors JP3 and JP4 serve the COMM and NAV panel part controls, consisting of push buttons, LEDs and a rotation encoder. The connector SV1 is the interface to the main-controller. There is an additional board, where the four 7-segment MAX7219 LED drivers are located. This board is connected via connector JP2. The electronics schematics of the other units are nearly identical and are not repeated here.

Although it took about 800 hours to build this unit and to develop the software, it was well worth it because this avionics unit offers more features than the virtual FSX unit and the resulting appearance of the entire panel is very impressive. The complete documentation of the avionics is described here.

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