Designing and building the lower panel of the cockpit was definitively not a weekend project, not to mention the software development and digging around within the Simconnect library for the associated FSX variables and events. Therefore it took a little bit more time to complete the entire panel, but once it works with all the switches, LEDs, levers and knobs the job is done, because there is no reason for significant maintenance, at least up to now.

The complete panel is divided into three single ones, as there are:

The covers of the three panels are made out of white rigid FOREX foam plates with a thickness of 2 mm, which finally were sprayed with black dull paint. The self-adhesive labels are printed on a laser printer and placed to the correct position. However, these labels are not the first choice, because one can still see the borders of the label, where they were cut by the scissors, although I treated these borders with a black marker before gluing them onto the covers. Next time I should look for a better solution.

The cabling of all the panel elements is another issue. If you do not plan and implement that correctly, you end up in a mess if something does not work as intended. But with patience such mistakes can be avoided.

On the next three pages, the more detailed design of the three panels is presented.

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